New Britannia is a big world! Not knowing where to start is understandable. Once you have worked your way through the the starter zones, you might consider finding a home to stash your gear, as the in-game bank is limited in size. If you do not have a lot deed, Moongate Travelers may use chapterhouses scattered across Novia. These may be found in the guild towns listed, or in Owls Head, Ardoris, and Outlander Welcome Center (next to Soltown). When placing items in a Chapterhouse, it is strongly recommended that the guild house admin make you a tentant, and that you set your possessions to "tenant mode." This ensures that, if the house is foreclosed on, your gear will revert to your bank, not the house owner's.

Rhiannon has free rooms available in the gothic mansion in Rift's End. Asbury Baker is looking for a couple of proprieters to live rent free in village lots in Rift's End and Moonglade. An inn is also available in Moonglade. Head to the MGT discord server to learn more. Introduce yourself and tell us what brought you to New Britannia!

First, outlanders do not need to buy a lot deed to acquire their own housing in Shroud of the Avatar! Outlanders are rewarded with both a taxable row lot deed and a taxable village lot deed as they solve the trials and troubles of New Britannia. In addition, with the advent of the new year, taxes on these lots are very affordable, taxed at a rate of 250 and 500 gold per day, respectively. Crowns of the Obsidian (COTO), which come with a monthly subscription, should be enough to cover the taxes on the village lot. Each COTO can grant 6000 gold of tax credit on a lot deed.

That said, you can still purchase additional lot deeds. Before you buy, make sure you know what you are buying. If you wish to become a homeowner, you need both a lot deed and a home. Except for the two un-tradable lot deeds awarded during quest progression, the lot deed is the expensive component. Lot deeds are categorized three ways: tax, location, and size. Lot deeds are either tax free or taxable. The former are more expensive and are usually part game bundles, and latter require constant payments in game gold or premium game currency (COTO). Some lot deeds may only be placed in Player Owned Towns (POTs). Founder, Benefactor, and Place Anywhere deeds may be placed in game-run towns, including both NPC Towns and Player Run Towns (PRT). PRTs are not POTs, but are similar to NPC towns, but have no quests or trainers. Most outlanders, especially those in a guild, prefer the less expensive POT lot deeds. Finally, the lot deed size dictates how large of a house may be placed on the lot deed. The sizes are row, village, town, city, keep, and castle.

As you gain experience in New Britanna, new methods of combat will become available. The glyph combat system may be unlocked at most adventurer trainers outside of starting zones. The Mad Hermit has a . While this video is from an early alpha, it is the best seen to date. The best decks contain a mix of locked and unlocked glyphs. Locked glyphs can be stacked simply by holding down the glyph number. Unlocked glyphs may be stacked by pressing "r" then entering the two numbers, or holding one number, and

Quests! If you love quests, and love talking to everyone in every zone, stop here. If, on the other hand, you are struggling with one of the main questlines, MGT guild member zeme has created several accelerated tutorials which cover the quests, beginning to end. He has included step-by-step instructions in the video description, and any changes may be found in the comments section.