Rift's End

Of the four cities governed by the Moongate Travelers, Rift's End is the oldest and most famous. The capitol of the Moongate Travelers is located next to Northwood, Ulfheim, and Blood Bay. Brittany Central is a quick ride to the south, and Graff Gem mines may be accessed for those who dare wander in and out of Blood Bay. Rift's End is known for the Evil Eye Tavern, the Isle of Chaos, and the Tower of High Sorcery. Weary travelers may make a home in the Lodge of the Avatar.

Free room and board

For new outlanders who have not yet made the investment in a home, Moongate Travelers has a guild lodge in Rift's End. See the Lodge of the Avatar handbook for more information, or contact Jarikith Rivinson or Rhiannon via discord.

Open Lots Available

Placing a house in Shroud requires both a lot deed and a house. For those with a lot deed, Rift's End welcomes all - guild membership is not required. Explore what Rift's End end has to offer by viewing This Thread on the shroud of the avatar forum. For more information, contact Obsidian Tempest or Jarikith Rivinson in discord.

Historical Events and Novian Landmarks