Code of Conduct

How do Travelers behave? Easy.... just be cool to each other. We want me make sure we keep our environment relaxed and fun. Here are a few guidelines to help with that.

  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Be courteous to other players
  • All guild members are treated as equals
  • Please do not beg or spam
  • If you have a conflict with another guild member, try to work it out privately at first, before involving leadership
  • Do not volunteer critical guild information to the public unless verified by leadership


  • What is MGT?

    The MGT470, or Moongate Travelers, is a Founder's guild for the game 'Shroud of the Avatar'. It was founded during the Kickstarter funding period, and aims to continue the positive and co-operative atmosphere of those early days. MGT is open to all players and play-styles, and focuses on networking and co-operation between the guild members and their allies.

  • What kind of guild is MGT470 (in game terms)?

    The Moongate Travelers is the premier go-to guild when finding one’s place in New Britannia. Are you a beginner? Join us, or simply ask and we will help guide you to your respectful place where you will find most fitting for your style of play or expertise. We are a mixture of Trainers, Craftspeople, Decorators, PvP, PvE, PvM, Casual, and Hardcore players. MGT is multifaceted in terms of guilds and does not discriminate on guild type for prospective allies. Don’t want to be a Moongate Traveler? There are many guilds within SotA to choose from, depending on your style of play and expectations, and we are happy to provide direction to a guild that better suits you, and we can even put in good word for you if necessary.

  • What is MGT's main objective?

    Each and every Traveler is promised a relaxed atmosphere and are only given the desired amount of responsibility that they wish. MGT does not impose values other than fairness and respect. Our main objective is to have fun! A guild that is not fun loses its luster rather quickly. The secondary objective is to provide all SotA participants with a guild that does more. We help out players of all types, have cross guild communications, guide new players, and provide an informational headquarters for all of SotA.

  • How was the name MGT470 coined?
    The name came together a few days before the SoTA's Kickstarter campaign concluded. The initial impetus of MGT470 was to get everyone to pledge additional $4.70 to help achieve stretch goals for the game.

    MGT = Moongate Travellers
    4 = to honor Ultima 4
    7 = to show compassion for Ultima 7
    0 = for the valor to bring it online (multiplayer)

  • What is the guild's guiding philosophy?

    MGT prevents the everyday stress of flared tempers and competitiveness that corrupts even the most popular guilds by providing a stress-free environment that is very helpful in nature and is also very eventful and gratifying. Being a Moongate Traveler is more than just being in a guild, it is a way of being, a statement all its own, a part of the beginning of SotA. Many of us are from day one of the Kickstarter and we have been together ever since. Our philosophy is of the Ultima Family and Tradition.

  • Who can apply for the guild?

    Anyone who is honest about their intentions.

  • What is the hierarchy of the guild?

    Hierarchy of the guild is loosely structured for greater flexibility. There will be a GM, Officers, Councils, Travelers, Seekers, Scholars, and Virtuous. Each have their own levels of responsibility determined by the members themselves. We are democratic in nature, of which no major changes happen without the consent of the members, by vote. The main differences in the hierarchy are guild functionality, event planning, communications, and authorizations.

  • Are officers be elected or appointed?

    Officers will be elected, and appointed depending on necessity of fulfillment of duties specific to the tasks at hand. Any one member of MGT wishing to be an Officer will have a chance, and will be voted in by the Travelers, Officers, and Councils of MGT.

  • What are my duties in the guild?

    The guild does not impose any unwarranted duties on its members. Co-operation between the guild members is encouraged, however, and travelers should help each other when needed. Engagement in the guild's activity and communication is highly appreciated.

  • What is the main play-style in the guild?

    MGT encompasses all of the play-styles that are beneficial to each individual's character advancement. We are not going to hold you back, and we emphasize players to concentrate on their strengths, which often means employing a variety of play-styles.

  • Are the Moongate Travelers in any way connected to the SotA team, or other guilds?

    We are not connected to the SotA team directly, however many of our guild members are at Citizen level or higher and can interact with the developers directly during Developer Chat organized by SotA team. MGT is always looking for future alliances as well.

    Alliances: The Beran Alliance,
    Friends: Havoc, Nightwalkers, and many more

  • What is your planned longevity?

    We plan to exist for as long as humanly possible, If anything happens to the GM, another will be elected soon after, The game, Shroud of the Avatar, is planned to have 5 yearly installments. MGT will survive extending well beyond the end-game.

  • How tight knit is your guild, do you have each other’s back?

    MGT has a wide variety of players. Many of which will definitely have each other's back, however many players may wish to have a more casual experience and not have to worry about what's going on, but just be themselves. The more communicative members of MGT will most likely be the first ones to help out a fellow Moongate Traveler. The majority of MGT members will help provide the best experience possible, depending on individual circumstance. We have specialist leaders that excel in specific play-styles which aids guild members' journeys in a more personalized manner.

  • Will other guild members help me if I need it?

    Yes, but it is always preferable to ask and give in return in some manner. Even if it is just a thank you. Members are more likely to help those in need if they are respectful and give care to a Traveler. Treat everyone how you would like to be treated.

  • What the does the guild expect from its members and what should members expect from the leadership?

    Good camaraderie, encouraged through participation in guild events and interaction with members. Please, remember that each individual represents the guild, we therefore expect all to follow an honorable code of conduct reflecting the guilds perspective. If you have any questions or complaints, contact one of our Officers/Admins/Councils or Guild Leader.

  • Is there a group that focuses on helping new members and/or getting new members started on their grand journey?

    Depending on the player's preferred play-style, a mentor of choice will be assigned to the task. There will be several groups that have this type of focus, however most of MGT is already willing to help new members and non-members flourish in the world of SotA. Also, lending a hand is not enforced, but most will be willing to help. Helping each other builds upon itself, folks will remember and return the favor. Many of us are official Hospitallers as well.

  • Can friends/family join?

    We do accept friends and family, however if any of them are under the age of 18, there must be some accountability of their membership. The referring individual of the underage person shall share the responsibility of maintaining that member's status within the guild, and is subject to a be a mentor for the underage individual as well.

  • I like to play all day/once a week/whenever I am bored, can I join too?

    MGT has members from all over the world, we envision a future where a guild member is always online, any time of the day. Of course you may!

  • How may I reach fellow moongate travelers, what is the main form of communication?

    Currently, our main form of communication is through the MGT Discord channel which is linked here on the site as well as the SotA forums.

  • Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Moongate Travelers?

    If you have any questions you could reach out to one of the officers in-game, send a message through the Contact Us portion of the menu above, or fill out an application.

  • I want to be helpful to the guild. What can I do?

    There are many guild functions that could use some attention, such as the guild Logo, or staying up to date in SotA discussions. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the guild, such as planning events or forming groups. Take that first step and make something you would like to see, happen.

  • Do you allow PK style players in your guild?

    We do allow PK style players, but we don't allow them to routinely kill our members or any allies. Depending on the play stile, a PK might be considered a really good PvP player, or a griefer depending on the circumstances. Griefing is a removable offense, and if any demoralizing acts have been proven to have occurred, then we will act accordingly. It must be noted that Shroud of the Avatar currently implements opt-in PVP which significantly reduces the grief style. If a person enables PVP mode or travels into a contested area, they have put themselves at risk, of their own doing, and invites attack. There are no PVP zones players must travel through to complete the in-game quests. Even the crypts located under PVP zones may be reached via alternate non-PVP paths.

  • Will anyone let me keep a stash at their player house if I don't have one?

    MGT runs towns, Inns, and chapter houses throughout Novia. Members are welcome to residence in the Guild's Player Owned Town Inns as available, and may find generous players who will let them drop a chest in chapter houses found in game-run towns.

  • What are the main type of crafting do your members enjoy?

    All types.